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Nutrition for Performance

There is no better feeling than seeing all your hard work pay off! We all work hard in the gym everyday but for most of us, that is the easy part. The real challenge is what happens afterwards…the dreaded diet. Making the right food choices and knowing what is right for YOU is difficult to grasp and is definitely frustrating at times. Especially when you work so hard in the gym but are not seeing the results you want or as fast as you want. Proper personalized nutrition is essential for reaching your personal goals including improving your body composition and optimizing your performance!

Simplifying your Nutrition

We’ve all heard of macronutrients and maybe you’ve even tried to track them but it can quickly become overwhelming! To set you up for success, the Food For 6S method simplifies the macro counting process saving you time and headaches! We do all the math and calculations for you. We’ve found that our method is much more sustainable and easier to stick to which means you’ll reach your goals faster! We also provide you with the tools and habits to make the process as easy as possible to follow and save you time in the kitchen!

Tracking Progress and Accountability

Knowing what and how much to eat is important but sticking to your plan and staying on track towards your goals is also necessary for success! Once you know what to eat and have formed the habits that will make you successful, we’re here to keep you on the right track. Through our app, you will complete a short daily journal entry to track your meals and some personal metrics like performance, energy levels and hunger levels. This data will be used by you and your coach to track your progress, provide motivation and adjust your current meal plan.

Coaches and Support

Food For 6S was started by Julia and Adam as the nutrition program for their CrossFit box, CrossFit 6S. It was started to enable their members to achieve their lifestyle and performance goals and to maximize the results of their efforts in the gym! Julia and Adam met in graduate school while finishing their PhDs and cofounded their gym out of a common passion for health and fitness. Julia is a competitive CrossFit athlete who’s competed at the Granite Games and Adam has competed in international Powerlifting competitions holding records in all 3 lifts. Nutrition was a key component to achieving these goals and they’re honored to have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals through nutrition coaching!

What People Are Saying.

  • For me nutrition was the missing link that I didn't even know was missing. Since beginning Food For 6S, I have been blown away with how I feel and look. The plan is very easy to follow and the results are amazing. I will continue to eat this way for the long haul, it a lifestyle change that is actually doable! I am eating more on this plan than I was. I thought I ate very healthy and was doing all the right things. I was wrong. I am stronger, making PR's, leaning out and dropping lbs. I'm a changed athlete now that I have my nutrition on track and am so excited to see where it can take me. I only wish I had this program years ago. Thank you Julia and Adam!

    Dana Parkes, Granite Games Athlete 2017
  • I always considered myself to be somewhat healthy, but I was curious to see what Food for 6S could do for my performance. After 6 weeks, I'm feeling much stronger, lifting heavier weights, enjoying an increased energy level, and just generally feeling pretty amazing. It's been interesting to learn/see/feel how keeping everything the same, just tweaking my nutrition can have such an impact on my performance, and general well-being. To me, it's not only the physical benefits that I enjoy, but more importantly, the mental ones. I'm now not thinking of this meal plan as a 6-week challenge but as a lifestyle change. Once you feel this good (inside and out) how can you go back?!

    Katie Whiteside
  • I’m just halfway into the 3 months and I can already see that this is the change I needed with the community and support to keep me going. I’ve tried many plans and diets but nothing ever gave me the tools I needed to integrate healthy eating into my life for good. Plus, the immediate results are super-motivating! I’ve lost 14 lbs in 6 weeks and over 4 inches off my hips and waist without ever feeling hungry. All the while, I’m still seeing gains in the gym- my engine has improved dramatically and I’m cutting WOD times in half. The simplicity is key, and Julia and the group are always there with ideas and motivation when I’m thinking of going off track.

    Pam Santora

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